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 Pokemon: Journey through the Plythrew(ple-through) region! (my first fan fic!)

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PostSubject: Pokemon: Journey through the Plythrew(ple-through) region! (my first fan fic!)   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:12 am

Chapter 1: The begining


"What the!"


"Aster, turn of you alarm clock!"

15 year old, tall, skinny teen slowly arises from his bed. He puts on a deep gold jacket and blue jeans before loudly thumping down the stairs.

"Morning mo- ahhhh! Down boy, down boy" Aster laughs. "Its only me"

"I dont think eevee can help," his mom exclaims, "he's just as excited as you are."

"Yeah, i am really excited," Aster remarked, "Too bad i can take you too on my journey through Hoenn"

"Speaking of your "journey", do you have everything packed?"

Asters face turned red. "ummmm, yeah...Just let me go check" Aster said as he scampered up into his room.

"....urasaaaa." "ursaaaa...." "ursaaaa......"

"Oh there you are, teddy!"

teddiursa slowly woke up and rubbed the big cresent moon on her forehead.

"Are you ready for our adventure?!?!?!" Aster shouted.


"Well....first i have to get everything packed....."


5 mins later

"Bye mom! I'll miss you!"

"Bye honey! Be safe! Come back often! Don't forget to brush your teeth!"

"Alright mom, jeez."

Aster sprinted out the house, closely followed behind by teddy.

"Okay, teddy, now all we have to do is find some guy called.....Prof. Maple who supposedly lives in this town." Aster remarked. "Lets go teddy!" Aster exclaimed, sprinting off down the road.

"Well, eevee, there goes our little boy. We better pray to god he doesnt run into his father, he still hates teddy, and Aster."


"Oh, im sorry eevee, i didnt mean to make you scared. Im sure our little Aster will do just fine."

Chapter 2: The Real journy begins.

"Ah-ha!" Aster exclaimed, "Here's Prof. Maple's lab"

and teddy enter a giant dome like structed, with a huge dark brown archway in the front. The windows seemed to be indented outwords, giving the lab a bubbley sort of feeling. There was a giant sign in front that read: "Welcome to Prof. Maple's pokemon reasearch lab!"

"Hello?" Aster yelled out, while opening the door. "Is anyone here?"

"Ahhh, you must be Aster, i was expec-"


"Owwww, what the- oh its you Aster! Came to get your pokedex just like me, eh?'

short boy with, curley, blonde hair, a dark silver jacket, and blue jeans, slowly stood up.

"Come on bubbles, where are are you?"

"snub!!!" the mysterious pokemon growls.

"So, Mason, i see you brought snubble along."

"You bet i did, i wouldn't go anywhere without my little bubbles" Mason replied, lovingly.

"Eh-hem. So i assume both of you boys are here to claim you very own pokedex. Am I right?"

"Yessir" Aster and Mason said, in unison.

"Well then, may i suggest that you 2 stick together? It'll be a whole lot more enjoyable with a friend along, not to mention that it is safer too."

the boys turned to look at each other.

"Well, i guess it could work" Aster finally replied after a few moments.

"Good! Now then, where was I? Oh, yes, you pokedex's. Here you go."

"Gee, thanks Prof.Maple" Mason happily said.

"Now, all you two need to do is go right down to the pokemon center in Blimith town and get these registered for the pokemon league."

"Will do Prof. Birtch, thanks a bunch" Aster thanked leaving the building.

Route 1

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" Mason sang, bouncing in the air. "This is going to be so exciting."

"Skorupi! Poison Sting!"

row of purple needles shot out of skorupi's mouth, aiming towards the two boys.

"Ow, who the heck is doing that?" Aster questioned.

the boys turned around to see a mysterious new trianer, standing over the skorupi. This trainer has piercing blue eyes, and long, brown hair. He was tall, and a little bit plump, but it was not noticable. He was wearing a black jacket and black jeans, making his appearence menecing.

"You, with the gold jacket and the short, spikey hair. Battle?"

'Who the hell is this guy?' aster thought, 'Oh, well, if its a battle he wants, its a battle he'll get!'

"Sure you on!. Go! Teddy!"

"Hmph, go Skorupi!"

"Teddy! Shadow Claw!"

soon as Aster said that, both of teddys hands greew sharp, ghost-like claws. Teddy ran foreward slashing at the air trying to intimidate the skorupi.

"Ha! Skorupi, meet it with fire fang!"

Skorupi's mouth burst into flames as its fangs grew 3 times longer.

"Give it all you've got teddy!" Aster screamed.

"Go teddy! You can do it!" Mason cheered.

"Hmph" was all the stranger had to say.

soon as the two pokemon impacted, a huge cloud of smoke erupted. Only the strongest of the two will survive.

Teddy backed out of the smoke looking tired and beaten. Skorupi backed out looking good as new. All of the sudden, skorupi collapsed into the ground, totally beaten up.

"Noooooo!" the stranger exclaimed. "How could MY pokemon lose to yours?!"

"Great job teddy, you too skorupi" Aster responed.

"Hmph, you just got lucky this time." the stranger said, as he walked away.

"Wait!" Mason cried, "whats your name?"

The stranger turned around, looked straight into Mason's eyes and said: "Zack" then turned back around and walked off into the distance.

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon: Journey through the Plythrew(ple-through) region! (my first fan fic!)   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:14 am

Chapter 3: The first capture!

"Wow, that Zack guy sure sounds and looks mean. He didn't even say good battle to you!" Mason said

"Awww, whatever. Don't worry 'bout it." Aster remarked, "I bet that was the last time we'll ever see him again."

"Yeah, i'm just gettin too worked up up about it....wait, where are we headed again?" Mason asked, a little confused.

"Well, i think Prof. Maple said we're supposed to register our dex's in-"



"Whoa, what was that" Mason yelped, feeling a little worried.

"I think i heard pokemon cries up ahead. Lets go check it out!" Aster exclaimed

"You sure abou- Hey!!! Wait for me!!!" Mason shouted

two boys ran 100 feet and came out into an open field.

"Hey, next time tell me when you gunna-"

"Shhhh!" Aster whispered, "look at the pokemon up ahead"

ahead was a growlithe and a shinx battling one another over some oran berries, with many pokemon gathered around them in a circle. The growlithe had a scar over its right eye, while shinx had a cut ear.

"Lith!!" cried growlithe as flames erupted from its mouth

"Inxx!!" cried shinx, as it shot electricity from its fur.

moves collided, causing a huge cloud of smoke. All of a sudden, growlithe cover itself in flames, as shinx coated itself in sparks.



the pokemon as they charged at one another. The impact was so bright, that Aster and Mason had to shield their eyes.

the smoke cleared, both pokemon were on the ground, motionless...

"Oh my god, are they okay?" exclaimed Mason.

"I think they're both seriously injured, we need to get them to a pokemon center right away!" Aster said.

"Right." Mason agreed.

picked up growlithe while Mason picked up shinx. While the two boys were running to the center, both shinx and growlithe slightly opened their eyes to see their savoirs.

"Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy! Come quick!" shouted Aster. "These pokemon we found are badly injured!"

"All right, ill take them to the ER right away." replied Nurse Joy

"Ohhhh, i hope they're okay," Mason told Aster, just after Nurse Joy left.

"Don't worry, Nurse Joy is the best nurse in the world. I'm sure they'll be okay." Aster responded.

"Aster? Mason?" Nurse Joy called out, after half and hour.

"Over here."

"Well, i have some very good news for you, both shinx and growlithe are resting peacfully in ther rooms, adn should be all better in the morning."

"Really? Thats great! Thank you so much Nurse Joy!" Mason cried, running over to hug Nurse Joy.

"No problem boys," Nurse Joy said, laughing, "Its my job, afterall. Now, i sthere anything else i can do for you two?"

"Well, Mason and i would like you to register our dex's in the plythrew league." Aster's said, his face turning red.

"I'd be more than happy to, just give me a sec" Smiled Nurse Joy, "Ah, here we go. Now both of you are registered in the Plythrew league. Now, here's a case where you each van keep your badges, all 8 of them. A gold case for you, Aster, and a silver one for you, Mason.

"Awe, thanks so much Nurse Joy" said Mason.

"No problem, now you too better get some sleep, and we'll check on our friends tommarow!"

In the morning:

"Aster, hurry up! We need to check on the pokemon!" Mason yelled, not even looking back.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" replied Aster.

bolted through the front door adn cried; "Nurse Joy, we're here!"

"Ah, there you are, i'v been waiting for you, er- i guess we've benn waiting for you." said Nurse Joy.



"Growlithe, shink, your okay!" cried Aster.

"Yup, these two have been waiting for you for about half and hour now." Said Nurse Joy.

"Waiting for us!?!" Mason exclaimed.

"Yes, i guess they found out that you two rescued them. They've wanted to see you for awhile now." Replied Nurse Joy. "If i didn't know any better, i think they want to join you two on your adventure."

ran up and sniffed Aster, as shinx ran up to Mason.

"Growlithe, Shinx, is that true?"



"Teddy, come see our new friends!"

"You too bubbles!"



for pokemon took turns inspecting each other. After a minute, they all smiled and ran around chasing each other.

"There's only one thing left to do" Said Aster.

"Go! Pokeball!"

"Ding Ding! bump.... bump.... bump............................................


did the same thing.

"Wow, our very first captured pokemon." said Mason, tearing up.

"See Mason, i tole you not to worry." Nudged Aster, smiling.

they all broke out in laughter

To be continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon: Journey through the Plythrew(ple-through) region! (my first fan fic!)   Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:43 pm

This was kinda kool gotta say
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon: Journey through the Plythrew(ple-through) region! (my first fan fic!)   Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:00 am

Very, very good. I have one question though. Where do you find the time to type all that? el oh el.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon: Journey through the Plythrew(ple-through) region! (my first fan fic!)   

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Pokemon: Journey through the Plythrew(ple-through) region! (my first fan fic!)
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