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 Fortune Ladies discussion thread

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PostSubject: Fortune Ladies discussion thread   Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:53 pm

As the title says, this topic is to discuss the Fortune Ladies, who first debuted on the TCG pack Raging Battle. We'll be getting a lot more Fortune Lady-themed cards in the upcoming TCG pack Stardust Overdrive.

My impression of Fortune Ladies is that, while they won't turn out to be one of the most popular deck types in the metagame, they will be a strong and somewhat anti-metagame-ish type of deck. They also look quite fun to play, much like Spirit monsters, and a person will have to be creative in order to use a Fortune Lady deck to its fullest potential (agaun like Spirits, which is why I like them).

Feel free to post about what cards you think might go well in a Fortune Lady deck. You can even make an example deck yourself.

To me, a Fortune Deck is kind of a combo deck. It allows you to carry out a variety of deadly strategies provided you get the right cards. Most of them involve Fortune Lady Lighty and/or Future Vision. Fortune Decks also have a lot of draw power, and while they do not completely focus on it, Fortune decks often remove cards from play (usually temporarily) thanks to the effects of Witch of Catoblepass and Fate, Magical Alchemist, and Future Vision (which are often seen in Fortune decks). I find that Fortune decks have good possibilities of getting dead draws, as they usually do so more often than other decks, but since you can usually maintain a hand advantage and get rid of the cards you don't want with stuff like Card Trader and Magical Mallet it just might not be that large of a problem.
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Fortune Ladies discussion thread
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