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 FireRed Hack: Pokemon Aerow Adventures

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PostSubject: FireRed Hack: Pokemon Aerow Adventures   Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:01 pm

I Could Of Sworn I posted this on here....
Oh Well, Heres me, Acee
Presenting You...

Pokemon Aerow Adventures !

Hack Info:

This is a Hack Of Fire Red
The Creator of This Hack Is Acee

Hack Features:

- All 386 Pokemon
- New Maps
- New Tiles (Will Be Featured In Beta 3)
- Trade and Other Evolutions Edited
- New Starters
- Different Move Sets For Some Pokemon
- New Rivals
- New Gym Leaders, and New Elite Four
- Whole New Afterstory Quest !

Just a Basic Hack, Don't really plan to Change any Scripts, because I Epicly fail at Scripting. New Tile sets will be Placed In when I find Tiles I Like, and Learn How to Insert them.

Hack Screenshots:

My Laptop Doesn't take Screenshots, anybody who can may Post Below if they are willing to take some for me.

Hacking Team:

Acee - Hack Leader, Everything

Thanks For Viewing this post, I did have a Beta 1, But it had too many Glitches, So I took it down.


-29/8/09: Looking For Someone To Programme the National Dex Script In.
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PostSubject: Re: FireRed Hack: Pokemon Aerow Adventures   Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:50 pm

I hack with out changed scripts will always fail.
don't think you can hack because you have A-text and A-map.
I'm not trying to be offensive, people will play it, but don't sell yourself short, Rome wasn't built in a day.

also changing tiles catches people attention.
if you need help with scripting or tile insertion, give me a pm.

and I will put in the national dex for you.
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FireRed Hack: Pokemon Aerow Adventures
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