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 Project Orgin (Amphy's Pokemon Fanfic)

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PostSubject: Project Orgin (Amphy's Pokemon Fanfic)   Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:08 pm

“Where is the blade?”
“What blade!? I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!”
“Don’t lie to me fool! Now tell me! Where is the blade!?”
“I’m telling you! I don’t know! I don’t even know what blade you’re talking about!”
“The Blade of Spirits of course! Now tell me where it is!”
“But that blade is just a legend from 400 years ago!”
“It’s not a legend. It’s the key to an entirely new world! The Negative world!”
“You’re completely insane!”
“I’m insane, am I!? We’ll see who’s insane when I have the Negative world at my command! Nobody will challenge my rule once I get the third spirit item!”
“Everything about the Negative world is just folktale!”
“If only you knew. You have outgrown your usefulness! Now perish!”
“No! Please! No! All right! I’ll tell you!”
”Good. Where is it?”
“A cave, about 500 miles to the north of here. It’s called Furea cave.”
“I will leave you be for now,”
“Oh thank you!”
“but if this is a hoax, I’ll be back. And this time, I won’t show mercy.”


The boy in the cloak waited in the dark alleyway of Eclipse Town. Suddenly, a man in a tuxedo emerged from the shadows, and the boy snarled and addressed him.
“Hmph... so you decided to show up.”
“Silence. I need your services.”
“I kind of figured that out already. What’s the job?”
“You know of the man who lives on the top of the hill?”
”I need him assassinated. He knows too much about my plans.”
”When are you gonna tell me what they are anyways? I’ve been doing this for months.”
”Then take down your hood.”
”No way. Nobody can know my identity. It has to stay secret.”
“The same with my plans. You see?”
“Whatever. I’ll do the job tonight.”
”Good. Don’t fail me.”

The boy walked off, and surveyed the hill, searching for the house. He spotted it and grinned.
“Another easy mission. Are they even trying to keep me out?” he sneered. “Oh well. Doesn’t matter. I don’t care how easy it is. I need to find out about my past…” He had no memories whatsoever until 6 months ago, when he woke up in the middle of the street, and found Mr. Night, the man in the Tuxedo. Ever since then the boy had carried out Mr. Nights bidding. In return, Night helped him learn about his past. He occasionally had visions of it, little snippets. But nothing major.
“Ugh… here comes another one…”


A boy with spiky brown hair and liquid blue eyes ran through the street, clutching something under a black cover. His blue shirt and jeans were torn, and there was a blood trickling from his nose. He glanced back quickly, and saw the man in the cloak was still on his tail. He ran to the top of the hill, exhausted, but not daring to stop. He burst into the house, and saw a boy who looked just like him, but older.
"Huh, what is it bro?"
"No time... hide this..."
The boy handed over the object, then began to run out the house again.
"Wait! You can't go like this!"
"No time... he's following me..."
"No! Jake!"
Then, with a flash of light, the vision ended.


"He... looked like me..."

Jake could not beleive what he had just seen. There was no way it could be him. It just wasn't possible. Or was it... The house on the top of the hill looked exactly like the one in that vision, the cloak the man wore was exactly like his, but bigger, and to top it off, the fist boy looked exactly like him.
"Roserade! Go!" called Jake. A shiny Roserade pooped out of it's Pokeball, and stared back at Jake.
"Alright, our new mission is to assassinate the guy who lives in the top of the house, but..." he paused, he wasn't really sure how to proceed at this point. "Well, I had another vision; a kid was being chase up to that house, and he looked exactly like me, so we're gonna see if he knows anything about what happened to me. Got it?"
Roserade nodded. "Rose."
"Well then, let's go."
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PostSubject: Re: Project Orgin (Amphy's Pokemon Fanfic)   Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:28 am

Awesome FanFic !! I love it !
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Project Orgin (Amphy's Pokemon Fanfic)
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