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 Obligatory "Read Before Posting" Topic

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PostSubject: Obligatory "Read Before Posting" Topic   Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:27 pm

Here's a few guidelines for the people that might want some help building teams/suggesting movesets.

#1: Don't flame - Just because someone's team isn't top notch doesn't mean you should flame them. Instead try to help, it's a "RMT" for a reason.

#2: Everyone has their own opinion - Just because someone said a certain attack is good on a certain Pokemon doesn't make them completely right. In other works, respect each others opinion.

#3: Don't just slap six Pokemon together with no other information and ask how the team will work, that won't help anyone, instead use this format:

Pokemon's name @ held item

#4: Don't flame.


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Obligatory "Read Before Posting" Topic
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