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 Creative Movesets Rules

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PostSubject: Creative Movesets Rules   Tue Apr 06, 2010 1:20 am

Creative Movesets Rules

I know everybody has a creative moveset to show and/or prove, but please keep the rules in mind. The following rules are for the benefit of the SOS Brigade Community, and to keep excess spam to a minimum. This effort was put forth for the sole reason to help in the team making process. You might not have known a certain Pokemon can work in a different way than a Smogon set shows. I'm hoping this effort does not go unnoticed.

  1. To post a topic, you must use the following format. (Name of set) - (Pokemon) I have an example to show what we're looking for. Psychic Trapping Umbreon.

  2. Use proper punctuation. Nobody wants to go look at the list of creative movesets unless it looks uniform. I'm assuming we all know how to use capitals and dashes, right?

  3. All sets must be in the following format:

    Pokemon Name - Set name
    Pokemon @ Item

    (move 1)
    (move 2)
    (move 3)
    (move 4)

    (1-2 Paragraph description of how it's used, what works good with it, a brief description of how the Moves/EV's are utilized, etc...)

  4. Post movesets you've actually used. That means don't use a moveset that you heard works. I want your personal experience. This also means don't make up a moveset because it sounds cool.

  5. Have fun with it! Remember, these movesets will be challenged, so try your best on them.
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Creative Movesets Rules
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