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 Arclight Mirror (Amphy's Possible Novel)

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PostSubject: Arclight Mirror (Amphy's Possible Novel)   Sun May 23, 2010 7:22 am

Writing has always interested me, and a while ago I saw someone else's idea novel and enjoyed reading it. It made me want to make one of my own, only problem was, that was when I had writers block. Months later I pretty much have the book planned out. It might be kind of confusing because much of the plot will be kept secret. The story started off as a sad tale about the trauma of losing a family member (something I went through a few weeks ago) but has evolved into a more action packed adventure, with lashings of fantasy thrown in to shake it up a bit. This will be the first of a few books in the series but is the only one I have the story fully planned out (thanks to the help of a friend) so I figured I might as well share to get some more feedback. Anyway, enough mindless prattle from me, onto the plot. It takes place 10 years into the future (2020) in Great Britain. The main character is called Felix (working on the last name, need suggestions.)

-Felix and his twin brother Jake have divorced parents, and after 5 years their mother has decided to get married again.
-They take a train to the wedding, and on it they meet their soon to be step brother, Max.
-When the train arrives they get off, and head towards the wedding, passing a grey Toyota on the way.
-When they get there, Felix has a seizure, it is normal for him.
-When he is having it he sees a white candle drifting towards him, and he grabs it. Then he wakes up as if nothing happened.
-Just as the marriage is about to take place, someone shoots the groom. They guy in the Toyota they say earlier.
-He fires wildly, scattering the wedding guests.
-The twins are forced to run, but Jake is hit.
-The Toyota guy leaves, Jake is rushed off to hospital.
-They find out all that is keeping him alive was the life support machine. There is no way to save him.
-Fighting back tears, Felix turns off the machine.
-Max disappears, and is believed dead.
-A week later, as his mother is still distraught, and he is less so, Felix goes to clear out his would be step farther's apartment.
-When he is there he has another seizure, this time seeing a black candle in his dream.
-He finds a mirror beneath the floorboards, and pockets it.
-He hears voices outside, Toyota is back.
-There is a chase, and Felix is forced into a thin alleyway, trapped by walls, only way out is over the electric fence behind him, or past the Toyota that occupies the entire width if the alleyway, and a gun.
-Toyota fires a bullet, but something comes over Felix.
-He catches the bullet between two fingers and flicks it back, going through the windscreen of the Toyota. The driver dodges just in time.
-The dark side of the newly acquired powers consume the light side, making Felix brutally beat the driver, killing him.
-He get's a hold of himself, vowing never to use the powers again unless he or someone else is in mortal danger.
-He goes back to the apartment and sees that it has been ransacked, Toyota was just a cover.
-He collapses on the floor out of exhaustion.
-He wakes up in a almost, and finds the mirror is gone from his pocket.
-In the distance he sees a shadow of a figure. A familiar one. Max.
-He explains why he has his powers (not spoiling this)
-They fight, Felix is losing.
-A voice tells him to let the darkness and the light out at once, to not give one control over the other.
-He kills Max, and takes back his mirror, searching for it's hidden use.
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Arclight Mirror (Amphy's Possible Novel)
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