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 How to make HD videos in Camtasia studio 7

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PostSubject: How to make HD videos in Camtasia studio 7   Sun May 23, 2010 12:38 pm

Load up Camtasia Studio 7 and import your video file
This tutorial is only for those of you who are patient enough to upload a 120 mb file to youtube
ONce you have loaded your video into camtasia put it in the timeline by draging it in there

Then after you have made any changes to the vieo that you want to make(ie sidebar etc) CLICK THE TINY ARROW BESIDE PRODUCE AND SHARE

A drop down menu pops up click produce and share again

Now that a menu has come up saying welcome to production wizard click the drop down arrow and hit add/edit preset...

Now a new menu has apperared

I highly recomend you click New... for this and call it youtube

Now i will name what i have in mine for hd

i have it set to MP4/FLV/SWF Flash outputs

This is because all youtube videos are in flash

After setting that click next and flash options

I have it set to Mp4
Frame rate 30
Key frame every 5 seconds
Encoding mode quality
Quality 100%

For audio its
Encode audio = on
Bitrate is 56 kbps
Initial volume slider position is 100%

DOnt mess with the controls

When done click apply

Now comes the hard part

In the top right click custom size
you can now choose several options

Video:width Height

1920 1080
1280 720

The first one gives you a bigger file but better quality
The second is more recommended as the diffrence in video quality isnt that big

Then when thats done hit next and finish
Congrats you can now use a HD preset
anyone who wants to put sugestions do so in the comment thing below
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How to make HD videos in Camtasia studio 7
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