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 my team on pearl

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PostSubject: my team on pearl   Wed May 26, 2010 9:32 pm

heres my team with all lvl 100s because i worked very hard and had them since the begining when i started . people with no lvl 100s may be as good as me if they work hard too . One other thing is that I all my pokemon have 510 EV which is Max for those who dont know. I they have max ev know because i got effort ribbon with all of them. Well heres my team.
-Staraptor@Sharpbeak nature:Careful EV:Max moves:bravebird, fly, defog, pluck

-Luxray@quick claw nature:rash EV:max moves:discharge, thunderbolt, crunch, charge beam

-Floatzel@mystic water nature:naughty EV:max moves:waterfall, surf, crunch, aqua jet

-Infernape@ShellBell nature:Bold EV:max moves:blast burn, rock climb, strength, rock smash

-Misdreavus@cleanse tag(how does it evolve?) nature:Brave EV:max moves:Shadow Ball, Grudge, perish song, Confuse ray

-Basiodon nature: Adamant EV:max moves:earthquake, Metal burst, Take down, Iron head

-Palkia@Reapers Cloth nature:Modest EV:max moves:Spacial Rend, Surf, Dragon claw, Aura Sphere.
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PostSubject: Re: my team on pearl   Wed May 26, 2010 10:54 pm

Misdreavus evolves when you use a Dusk Stone on it. Probably could have another special offensive attack on it.

Luxray doesn't really need 3 electric moves...especially when it's generally more physical and it has all special moves. But you could take it to the Move Relearner and use a Heart Scal to get it an Elemental Fang attack.

Floatzel is also generally better at Physical attacks, but the margin isn't as large as Luxray. The only problem I see is Surf, which is already on Palkia... Could delete it and go to Move Relearner to get Ice Fang back for coverage I guess...

Infernape scares a bad way. Elemental hyper beam and 3 HMs...This is generally why people have HM Slaves.

Bastiodon is put together great from what I can see.

Palkia also has no majors problems.

Sorry but I am an overly critical person. The fact that they're all Lv100 does mean that they'll generally kill anything in game outside the Battle Frontier.

Note1: People generally have throw away HM slaves so they won't have to have the bad HM moves on thier main team.

Note2: Just in case, Move Relearner in in Pastoria.
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my team on pearl
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