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 TehW101P's Channel

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PostSubject: TehW101P's Channel   Mon May 31, 2010 1:15 am

(I just realized, I haven't made one of these "promote your channel" threads. Probably for self pride by earning subs the Ol' Fashioned way. But hey, what the heck.)


Yea, so I got myself a channel, called TehW101P.
Now I got about 240 subscribers, and 250 subscribers is my deadline I would like to meet by June 4th (Friday).
So, without further ado, I'd like to ask you, the public, to check out my channel.

I am doing Pokemon Blue Version at the moment, and will be starting a new run after I reach 250 subscribers.

A bit of background information:

-I tend to stutter here and there

-I get caught up in editing, and I may not post the day's video(s) until Late at night, or the next day.

-I have Skype, Xfire, and Steam

-My second channel is
in-which I will be posting some Left4Dead and Halo 1 Videos.

-I am typically a loner, I don't like being in big conversations, and have low tolerance for those who pick and poke at me, wanting to chat, all day long.

-I make pretty decent icons and backgrounds. If this is an over or under statement is for you to decide.

-I don't have any examples atm, since I did a clean sweep of useless files on my computer, but I will soon enough.

So yea, if your interested in check me out, my channel is in my signature!
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TehW101P's Channel
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