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 SkywardSheep on Youtube

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PostSubject: SkywardSheep on Youtube   Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:35 pm

Well I thought I mite as well make this.....

Hello as you can see my name I SkywardSheep and I am here today to tell you of my youtube channel named SkywardSheep. I am fairly new but I am gaining subs fast! I am doing 2 Lets plays at the moment butI really need to do one of them since I haven't uploaded it in a while so after I have finished making this I will probably make one.

Current games
Sonic Advance (Really need to continue with this)
Pokémon Rijon Adventures

After I have finished Sonic or Rijon I will probably do Platinum but I can't find an Emulator that doesn't lag.

I would be very pleased if you check me out and subcribe! I also have an intro maker and she is good at her job!

My channel-
Intro maker-

Thank you for your time.

P.S I didn't name myself after the new zelda game I just thought it sounded cool
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SkywardSheep on Youtube
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