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 Pokemon PPRE Trainer Script

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PostSubject: Pokemon PPRE Trainer Script   Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:27 am

Hi guys, this is my first tutorial so sorry for mistakes :(

Anyways, like the title says, it's about Pokemon Trainer Battle Scripting. So far I only know it works for HG/SS. If you want to use in Platinum or D/P, feel free to try and please tell me if it works.

On to the tutorial. Here are the tools you need:

Once you've downloaded the things needed, put your HG/SS rom into PPRE's folder. Then open up PPRE and click on choose rom. Select your rom and click Set Rom.

Then command prompt should appear. PPRE is extracting your rom now.

Once PPRE has finished, click on Trainers.

Once you opened up Trainers, select a random trainer from the list. Edit the Trainer's information now(Number of Pokemon he/she had and so on). Once you changed the number of Pokemon, click another trainer from the list and go back to the trainer you edited to see that the number of Pokemon had changed. NOTE: I can't seem to edit the Trainer's name, so I used an older version of PPRE, which worked. However, the Pokemon's level is maximum 99 and I cant save my scripts using that.

After you've edited the Trainer, TAKE NOTE OF THE NUMBER BESIDE HIS/HER NAME. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT. For me it's 24.

Save your changes afterwards.

Next, go to Maps and choose the map you want. For me I'm going to use Cianwood City Gym.

Go to the Events tab and click on Overworlds. See the number at the top right corner? That's the number of overworlds. Click on the up arrow to increase the number of overworlds.

You might see a new tab now. Type in the ID of the overworld, which is this:

Now type in the sprite. The values for them are here:

However, PPRE can read only Dec numbers, but these are Hex numbers. So open up Calculator, and go to the Scientific Mode for XP. I don't know what to press for the other computers so you have to figure out yourself. Go to Hex and type in the number for the sprite. Click on Dec next to get the Dec number. Write this in PPRE.

Next for the movement. I don't really have the list for the movements(I'm too lazy to figure out :'( So if you got the list, please tell me and I will give credit.) However I do know that 15 is facing down and 20 is facing up.) Type it in the box.

Flag... I don't really know what's that but I will figure it out sometime, probably after B/W is released.. I'm just too busy :sleeping:

Script we will come to it later.

Line of Sight, by the name, you probably know what's it. It's use for detection for normal trainers, like when you're walking along Viridan Forest when a trainer spot you.

X-, Y- and Z- coordinate, pretty simple. I don't know bout Z though. Anyway, you might ask, how do we find the X and Y coordinate? Simple! Using the Lua Script, open it in DeSmuME and activate the script! Move to the spot where you want your trainer to be at and he will stand there! However the Lua Script doesn't work on Patched Roms.

After finding out the X and Y coordinate, type it in the boxes.

Once you've done all these, take note of the ID of your overworld.

Next, go to the Text tab. You will see that there's already a lot of text. Write your trainer's beginning and losing text like this:
text_[continued number]="[text]"
So for example I want to write this:
Yo! This is a guide!
And the text number is 5, I will write in PPRE this:
text_5="Yo! This is a guide!"
Just remember, \n is for line break and \r is for new box.
After writing your text, note down the text numbers - both beginning and lose text. I don't know how to make the winning text activate, sorry :(

Now go to the Scripts text and go to Scripts. Press add script and go to the new script. Now we can begin writing our script.
Example of Script:

Lockall starts your script. Lockall is basically the same as the script starter you use when hacking GBA games.

Faceplayer, too, exists in GBA hacking. Just let the trainer turn to you when you talk to him/her.

Message [number] is the text you wrote just now. [number] is the text number which I told you to note.

WaitButton and CloseMsgOnKeyPress works together. The trainer battle will begin after you pressed A or B(WaitButton). The message will then close(CloseMsgOnKeyPress).

TrainerBattle [number] 0 1 starts your trainer battle. [number] is the trainer number I told you to note just now. You can see why it's important now.

Message [number] is the losing text.

Releaseall MUST be present if you wrote Lockall. It releases the NPCs around.

End is the ending of the script. VERY IMPORTANT.

Now that you finished your script, save your changes.

Go back to PPRE and type in your rom name, also remember to write in the ".nds" without the quotient marks.

After your rom has finished creating, open your rom and enjoy! Also if you want to edit the sprite of your trainer, I might write a tutorial on it, but it's best if you follow KazoWAR's on Youtube.

Thanks for reading my tutorial! This is my first tutorial so I hope you would rate my skills on writing tutorials.

Here is an example of the Trainer Script(I made the video):
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Posts : 63
Join date : 2010-06-06
Location : Of course Earth

PostSubject: Re: Pokemon PPRE Trainer Script   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:25 am

Here's a completely optional part: Removing people.
Basically, after you've finished your battle, you can make the trainer disappear.
Here's an example of the script:
The new part edited, as you can see, is
Applymovement 5 mov_1
Removepeople 5

Before I go into explaining, go to Maps, choose your map and Scripts, before finally going to Movements.

Choose Add Movement. A new tab should form.
Now, you have to write your movement. The movement format must be like this:
[movement_name] [number_of_times]
Movement_name is the type of movement you want your OW to move, such as the 1 I used, WalkDownNormal.
Here's a list of the movements:

Number of times is the number of steps you want your OW to move. Pretty simple, you should understand.

Now to explain the script.
Applymovement [OW ID] [mov_[id]] is put into your script.
Applymovement is to apply a movement on [OW ID] which is your OW's ID, which I explained earlier at the previous post, and [mov_[id]] is the ID of your movement.

For me it's mov_1.

Waitmovement is to wait for the movement to be finished before the OWs can be released.

Removepeople [OW ID] is to remove the OW you assigned to. By now you should know what's [OW ID].

So now that your movement script is finished, save your changes, write your rom and begin playing!

~Hope this helps!~
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Pokemon PPRE Trainer Script
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