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 Pokemon FireRed &LeafGreen Co-Op Let's Play

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PostSubject: Pokemon FireRed &LeafGreen Co-Op Let's Play   Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:17 pm

This Let's Play Is very similar To CrystalStarStudio's LP of Paper Mario TTYD

We Have Some Pretty Sweet Sidebars, Showing both teams, And Links to The Next And Previous Videos.
Me and my LP partner (Travis) Have 2 completely different teams,
I play through the first gym alone, and then we switch, with him recording up to The 2nd gym. And the pattern keeps going.
Once we get to the elite 4, we both record us beating them, and release 2 separate videos showing them.
All Commentary is live, and we may want some co-commentators (Message us on Youtube With Your Skype Name)

But if you are interested in watching, Here's our channel link

Current LPs
Survival Kids
Pokemon FRLG
Super Mario Galaxy

Thanks For Reading!
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Pokemon FireRed &LeafGreen Co-Op Let's Play
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