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 Please help?

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PostSubject: Please help?   Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:08 pm

Cute Okay guys, so I'm new to wifi battling, and I need some help. I do everything on my DS, without cheats, I just don't like them, and I need a female eevee so I can breed, and get an awesome team. Can someone trade me one for something? , I've got a lot of Unova pokes, none are lvl 100, or are EV trained in anything particular. Can someone trade me an eevee, but also, will you guys rate the team I'm going to use when I finish EV training them? Right now, the team I'm going to use is:
Bastiodon as my lead, with Sturdy, and holding leftovers, 252 EVs in defense and sp. defense, and 4 in HP, knowing Stealth Rocks, Toxic, Roar, and Iron Head
Zangoose, with immunity and holding life orb, with 252 EVs in attack and speed, 4 in defense, knowing close combat, swords dance, quick attack, and substitute
Scrafty, with shed skin and holding ???, with 252 EVs in defense and sp. defense and 4 into attack, knowing drain punch, substitute, amnesia, and facade
Darmanitan, with zen mode, and holding focus sash, with 252 EVs in attack, and sp. attack, knowing psychic, flare blitz, substitute, and ???
Durant, with swarm and holding razor claw, with 252 EVs into attack and speed and 4 into defense, knowing x-scissor, iron head, iron defense, and t-wave
Yanmega, with speed boost and holding choice specs, with 252 EVs into sp attack and speed and 4 into sp. defense, knowing u-turn, bug buzz, air slash, and whirlwind.
So what do you guys think? Can you send me an eevee, and what do you think of my team? I miiiight replace darmanitan with flareon if i get an eevee, or something. Anyways, tell me what you think, and if you can send me an eevee, I'll give you my palpad code. Thanks, and happy easter
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Please help?
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