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 How to get World Of Warcraft for free (NO TORRENTS)

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PostSubject: How to get World Of Warcraft for free (NO TORRENTS)   Sat May 07, 2011 10:10 pm

Hey guys il be showing you today how to play and get world of warcraft for free no surveys or anything
First is that you wanna download the world of warcraft trial you can find it Here
Link: (Click the 10 day trial one)

next is you have to find a private server you can find one by simply googleing it (which most people dont do)
you can get 2 kinds of servers 1 is the type that is blizz like (ones that are like the REAL game) then you get
custom ones where you MOST LIKELY get the highest level get all gold and can do anything (which i find
those servers quite boring) so for me i recommend a blizz like server

This is one i found and played so you should go here:
its a blizz like so if you want other (or if this one doesnt work or you dont like it) you can go
And Here:
you can just do ctrl + F and type blizzlike to find another blizzlike one (OR USE GOOGLE!!!)

And i will just put instructions for most servers i have used for wow but some might be different so this is just for the ones i have used

1. You download the launcher (If they have one) and put it where the wow.exe is (Not the one on the desktop) you can find the wow.exe by right clicking the WorldOfWarcraft.exe on your desktop and click open file location. put the launcher in there and run it and you should be good

2.Thought you were done? Well sucks for you cuz this is the last step anyways here we go
Go to this destination on your pc
- C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\
Might change on different pc's like if you have a x64 it might look different but you should get it
open the realms list with note pad and erase whats in it and put what ever the sites code is like wowdaemon code is

set realmlist

And that is all i have to say i hope you liked this and i might make a vid if you guys want

If you want anymore free games just pm and i will try my best to get them for you
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Posts : 9
Join date : 2011-04-19

15/15  (15/15)
Tribe: Steelie

PostSubject: Re: How to get World Of Warcraft for free (NO TORRENTS)   Sun May 08, 2011 8:33 pm


Never download the torrents unless the server is not working for you cuz it can be a waste of time or a virus and so far most of the servers i have played didnt need torrents for the full game!
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How to get World Of Warcraft for free (NO TORRENTS)
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