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PostSubject: READ BEFORE POSTING    Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:00 am

Failure to follow the rules below can cause a automatic ban depending on the situation since the rules should always be the first thing to be looked at (and it's PMed to you when you first register on the forum.

First and foremost: SPAM/TROLL - DO NOT DO IT. You are NOT cool. If you feel like this rule doesn't apply to you then report yourself to an admin/mod A.S.A.P.

#2: The excuse "I didn't know that there was this rule" doesn't fly around here. There's a reason why this topic is labeled as "READ BEFORE POSTING". Honestly most things are common sense 101.

#3: Admin/mod are (usually) right. If you feel like you are getting an unfair treatment from a mod then report it to an admin.

#4: Keep flaming down to a minimum please. I know there are times when shots have to be fired and what not but try to use it as a last resort. We're trying to be friends here.

#5: If there is an irrational person around then get permission from an admin, chances are we WILL grant permission to flame the heck out of the guy, then ban them.

#6: Kudo (point) system is at work, the more active you are the more "reward" you will get. This does NOT mean you can post "lol" for every other post. Believe me it's not hard to catch these things, and it will be considered as spam. If you want to donate your kudos then both parties must PM either Fin or Steel (pick one, we don't need one person PMing Steel while the other PM Fin, it makes our heads hurt).

#7: Please don't make double or more known as alt accounts. People with alt accounts will get their posting privilege revoked.

Note on rule 7: "I want a name change isn't an excuse". If you want to change your account name then you need to find Steel on the Chatbox (do not PM).

Note 2 on rule 7: No need to delete your account here, leave your old account as it is even if you no longer want to be here, it's for "safety purposes".

#8: Have fun. If anyone tries to disrupt the peace then report to a nearby mod/admin A.S.A.P.

#9: Double post: Why do it? There is a nice edit button for those. Double posts will be considered as spam. Triple spam is even worse.

#10: Fin is the boss of the forum. If there's any "boss material" questions PM Fin for the best result.

#11: Act mature. We don't care if you are 12. A forum is a community like place where everyone can share their opinions, if you act immature towards a topic then you WILL be taken care of accordingly.

#12: Swearing: It's cool to let out some steams here and there (people that watch my YouTube videos are familiar with this). But PLEASE don't overdo things. The "F" word doesn't need to be used in between every other words. Just use your common sense. Quote from Fin: I believe you guys are mature enough to know how swearing should work.

#13: Extra topics: We don't need them. If there's a tournament topic and it asks you to post there to join DON'T make a separate topic telling us you want to join AND triple post in it. That is double kill.

#14: It's wise to read all the "read me" topics. It answers simple questions and prevent future "I didn't know" problems.

#15: Spoilers: Don't do it, please. People want to enjoy something first hand. If someone is asking you to spoil something for them on a topic please use a spoiler tag.

#16: If a admin and/or a mod asks you a question then answer it, ignoring the question will make people unhappy.

#17: Advertisement: Yes...everyone does it, but honestly if you advertise after every post then it gets annoying yes? Well here's the alternative, you put your advertisement on your sig as oppose to writing things after each post such as "P.S. come to my channel". Or you can advertise your YouTube channel under the "YouTube" section of the forum.

#18: Forum games: Everyone loves sex forum games right? Well here's the thing, you guys can play all the forum games you want but the one rule of thumb is that you can only post TWICE on one page on ANY game. This is not to prevent you guys from having fun but it's to prevent spamming.

#19: You are a guy until proven to be a girl.

#20: Password: Yes, yes we forget stuff (personally password shouldn't be one of them but hey) and I can fix password problems. Just give me (AltEisenSpirit) a PM on YouTube telling me who you are and what your issues are and I'll reset your password for you.

#21: Anther common sense out the window but please stay on topic. The introduction forum isn't a place to make a topic that read something like "What's your favorite Pokemon?". There is a separate forum for that.

#22: Do not ask when you will be unbanned.

#23: Spamming smileys is not cool either.

#24: Do not feed the troll.

Yeah people, we're not stupid. Excuses like "it was my brother, mother, cousin, dog, chinchilla, etc" won't fly here. Just admit that it was you that was being stupid a few days ago and we'll forgive you.

#26: Your sig: Obviously a cool thing to have but be mindful about it's size. Don't post a huge picture of a Charizard and call it a sig. 400 × 142 is a good reference point.


#27: For "safety purposes" we need new members to make at least one (non spam) post on the main forum, argument of that will result a ban on the c-box on the spot.

#28: For the sake of member's health, please don't use eye bleeding colors like this one.

#29: If you know you are currently not being liked too much on the forum, do not make matters worse by making stupid topics/posts that might "pour gasoline to the flame". If you think you might be hated on somewhat, then you probably are.

#30: Pretending you know the situation is a bad thing. No one care if you have 10 posts here, the fact in the matter is, you can't just sign up on a forum and start firing away with logic that you don't understand. In short, if you're new, shut the hell up and let the old people take care of their own problems.

Below this sentence are some chatbox rules, those are pretty useful to read in my opinion:

#0: Remember, 3 kick = ban.

#1: Annoyance: DON'T FUCKING BE IT. Seriously use your common sense, if something "might" be annoying then it probably is. I'm pretty sure we have low tolerance for annoying people so those are immediate ban for a day.

#2: Spamming: Obviously don't do it, spamming means posting useless things repetitively for example:

StebenL: I'm gay
StebenL: I'm gay
StebenL: I'm gay
StebenL: I'm gay
StebenL: I'm gay
StebenL: I'm gay

The above is a good example of what not to do. First time will get you a kick and a warning. Second time will get you banned from the chatbox for a day. Third time will get you banned for a week. And it'll just double up after that.

#3: Advertising: Have at it, but don't do it 5 times, if someone doesn't want to see something the first 2 times they surely don't want to see the the next 3 times either.

#4: Like rule 28 on the top no eye bleeding colors please.

#5: Big pictures: You can do those when mods are around, but it gets annoying when a big picture is posted every 2 seconds instead post links. Note on this note: Small sprites can be posted.

#6: When you know you did something wrong and is being told you did something wrong don't act "innocent". Man/woman up and take it.

#7: Don't make yourself look stupid (especially the old people), when there are new people on the C-Box don't act high and mighty. Be nice and be friendly.

#8: Did I mention? 3 kick = ban?

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