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 Steel's Sort of Insane Contest

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PostSubject: Steel's Sort of Insane Contest   Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:27 pm

1. PM me the answers
2. Give me serious answers ONLY! No crap like "Answer is Slowpoke! Haha gg all."
3.One try.
4. Questions? PM ME!
5. No hints, No Pm's asking if this is the right answer. Just post your answer and the contest will be over when the first three CORRECT posts are made.

First place: 1000 Kudos, mod for 2 days.
Second: 500 Kudos, mod for a day.
Third: 250 Kudos, E-cookie.

Note on the mod thing: If you abuse your power need to explain that right?

1. What is Setsuna F. Seiei's real name?

2. What is the above Gundam's name? And what is the design based of off?

3. The above robots. Is it a real robot? Or a super robot?

4. Who is the creator of this classic anime?

5. Who the hell is the above guy? And who's glasses is that?

6. What flight system was installed to the Alt Eisen Reise just so it can stand?

7. What is the above machine called? And who's the pilot (Hint: It is not a Gundam).

8. In what battle did Exia received these damages?

Have fun and don't rip your hair out.


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Steel's Sort of Insane Contest
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