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 Jomaravar's youtube Shop.

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PostSubject: Jomaravar's youtube Shop.   Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:57 am

I decided to make a shop. I found no rules against it. So let's get at it.

If you want a subscription from me to help boost your count. 10 Kudos. (if you want me to comment and rate it will costs another 5)

If yo uwant two. One from me and one from my production team. 15 kudos (Comments and ratings are free.)

If you want three subscriptions. 30 kudos (Comments and rates are free. You also get any one of your videos fetured on my channel, for one week.. For the other two channles its' 5 each.)

For me to feture one of your videos on my channel for 1 week it is 5 kudos, 10 for 2 weeks, 15 for three and 25 for two months. Everything in between is 15. If someone else comes with more, any extra kudos wil be refunded.

If you need a voice actor, I'll voice for 1 thing for 5 kudos, 2 things for 7, and three+ is 5 for eachadditional one. Or 100 kudos for an unlimeted number for two months.

If you want me to comment and rate your stuff only. 5 kudos, forever.

If you want me to spread your stuff around as much as possible. 20 kudos.

If you pay me 100 kudos you can join my production team, get fetured vid for 1 month, comment and rating, free VAing, and two subscriptions.

If anyone thinks any of these prices are too high tell me.
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Jomaravar's youtube Shop.
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