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 Fully Ramblomatic Reviews - Kino's Journey

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Fully Ramblomatic


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PostSubject: Fully Ramblomatic Reviews - Kino's Journey   Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:50 pm

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure.
Themes: Varies.
Episode number: 13.
Movies: 2
OVA: 1 (15 Minutes)
Year: 2003

Plot Overview:
In Kino's Journey, the protagonist, Kino, accompanied by a talking motorcycle, named Hermes, travels through a mystical world of many different countries and forests, each unique in its customs and people. Kino only spends three days and two nights in every town, without exception, on the principle that three days is enough time to learn almost everything important about a place, while leaving time to explore new lands.

Art: 4/5

While its not the most visually stunning you will ever watch, the art work in Kino's Journey is still well done. The colors and shading used fit the series perfectly. It also kept the same art style throughout the entire series, something I don't see very often.

Music: 5/5
The background music is practically in existent, this would be thought as a bad thing, but in this particular case it is not. Not even once in the whole series did I feel it lacked music in any situation. The opening and ending theme. In one word, superb. They fit Kino's Travels like a glove.

Story 6/5 5/5
Kino's Journey is episodic. Each episode has our protagonist traveling to a different town, and each town has its own unique custom. While the stories of each episode are generally simple, this does not stop them from being remarkably deep, for the towns each mirror a different part of human nature. The series rarely have any correlation to each other, only once having a "Part 1/Part 2" group.

Characters: 5/5
Kino's Journey fully revolves around only 2 characters, Kino and Hermes. No other repeating characters are in the series, aside from her occasionally mentioned teacher. Kino, the main character, has a total rejection of gender roles, prejudice and hatred that implies an honor that almost no one can truly have. Her partner, Hermes, is a very amusing, and at times, rude, Motor Cycle. While the series is very much NOT a comedy, Hermes acts as a mini comic relief at times, making amusing comments which makes the series more enjoyable. The series would be nothing without the minor characters that appear in each episode, providing Kino with a problem to solve, or a story to tell. In truth, they make the series what it is.

Overall: 5/5
I don't care what anyone says, I believe this is a perfect anime. Yes, I mentioned flaws, but nothing that takes away from what really makes it great, it's story and characters. You'd be an idiot to not at least give this a try. You don't even have to like it, I really don't care, but don't let it pass you by.
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Fully Ramblomatic Reviews - Kino's Journey
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