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 Competitive Battling 101 (Wise To Read Before Playing)

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PostSubject: Competitive Battling 101 (Wise To Read Before Playing)   Wed Apr 08, 2009 2:35 pm

Some people might not know this but competitive battling have been around since the good old days of R/B/Y. At this forum we carry on that tradition whether by Shoddy or Wi-Fi. Here's some basic guidelines:

We use the Smogon tier list, for any questions on the tier here's a link:

Recordings: You may record battles you fought over Wi-Fi and upload it to YouTube as long as both party agrees to it. We don't really want people to complain about "privacy" or anything of that nature.

Shoddy: A battle simulator as free as gas freedom. For a detailed explanation visit:

When you make a battle topic please be CLEAR as in what type of battles you are looking for. Always have your FC handy whether in your sig or on the topic itself. Make sure people reading the topic understands what tier you are playing on and what kind of rules you are playing under.

The standard rules are of the following:

Sleep Clause
You may only put ONE of your opponent's team member asleep at a time. Once the Pokemon wakes up, you may use a sleep inducing move again. You may still put one of your opponent's Pokemon to sleep if your opponent use the move Rest.

Species Clause
Your team can only consist of one (1) Pokemon of each species.

Evasion Clause and OHKO Ban

- Double Team
- Minimize
- Fissure
- Guillotine
- Sheer Cold
- Horn Drill

The above moves are banned.

Item Clause
You are not allowed to have duplicate items on the team. This clause is usually not enforced in a standard battle.

No "Hax" Items

The following items are banned:

- Brightpowder
- Quick Claw
- Focus Band
- King's Rock

Freeze Clause
Only one team member can be frozen at a time. This clause can only be enforce on Shoddy.

Selfdestruct (AKA Self-KO) Clause
The moves Selfdestruct, Explosion, Perish Song, Destiny Bond, or any other such move may not be used if both players only have 1 Pokemon left. This is to prevent ties during tournament matches.

Soul Dew Clause
The item "Soul Dew" can not be equipped to any of your Pokemon.

The phrase "Standard rules" include all of the above except item clause.

More will be added later.

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Competitive Battling 101 (Wise To Read Before Playing)
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